Olympus Fiends are minions of the Gods of Olympus and foes that Kratos encounters in the Underworld of God of War III.
Démon Olympien GOW III

They appear as the skeletal remains of once female soldiers, covered partially in armor and adorned with a plumed helm. They have two methods of attack, either to stand back and attack Kratos from a distance with explosive projectiles, or to strike at him up close with the sword they carry. At any time a grab can be initiated by the circle button and Kratos will seize an Olympus Fiend, and throw it to damage other Fiends. After enough damage has been dealt, an instant kill can be activated to finish the Olympus Fiend off, Kratos will tackle it to the ground and impale it in the head with its own sword.

Kratos can summon the Fiend with the Claws of Hades. When summoned, they ignite themselves thus burning surrounding enemies.



  • Olympus Fiend Model

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