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Sword of Orion
Gifted by the goddess Artemis, the sword of the Earth born hunter slays all game - man and animal alike.

–In game description

The Sword of Orion is a DLC weapon of God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer. It's a big sword with a hole at the end of the blade, probably made to fit Orion's size and strength. It was specially created for co-operative moves, like the other weapons of the Mythological Heroes.


  • Rank 1: N/A
  • Rank 2: 15,000
  • Rank 3: 45,000


  • Rank 1: +8% Physical Power; +8% Elemental Power
  • Rank 2: +9% Physical Power; +9% Elemental Power
  • Rank 3: +10% Physical Power; +10% Elemental Power


A magic based, ranged sword with Coop abilities.

–In-game description

  • Scorpio's Sting - A quick dash attack that sets opponents up for a powerful wave combo-attack. Execute a dual combo attack if tethered by an ally. L1 + Square
  • The Unseeing Hunter - A powerful magic tether that will take down an enemy or increases an ally's offensive abilities. The tether will break if you are hit. L1 + Triangle

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