PB&J...God of War style is a video on YouTube that parodies the context-sensitive attacks performed by Kratos.

It begins with the character discussing his channel name, then suddenly shifts his attention to sandwich supplies. He draws two daggers and charges, causing an O-prompt to appear. He grabs the loaf of bread and, through an L1/R1 button mash, rips it open.
After another O-prompt, he snatches up the peanut butter jar and opens it by rotating the left thumbstick. With an X-prompt, he takes one of his daggers and stabs into the jar, then quick-rotates the left thumbstick to the right to get a swirl of peanut butter on the blade. With a left-to-right prompt, he spreads the peanut butter over the slice of bread.
After that, he takes the grape jelly jar and mashes the O button to open it, but it is too well-secured. A Square-prompt appears, and he smashes the jar on the table and tries the O mash again, this time opening the jar. Using another O mash, he gets some jelly onto his dagger and throws the jelly onto the other bread slice with a Square-prompt. Another L1/R1 prompt appears when he tries to put the slices together. The L1/R1 changes to an O mash, which then becomes an X, Square, both L1/R1 and O mash, and "TOASTY" from Mortal Kombat, another Square, an X, and an O, in that order.
Ultimately, he fails the prompt and mashes the slices onto his cheeks and collapses. The screen changes to the classic "YOU ARE DEAD" screen, and another guy throws the controller away, exclaiming that he will never get "that Sandwich trophy!"

PB&J God of War

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