12-Path of Eos

The entrance to the Path of Eos.

The Path of Eos is a hidden cavern that lay near the feet of Mount Olympus, just beyond the city of Olympia.

After killing the Sun God Helios, Kratos used his head to uncover a hidden doorway within the mountainside. Beyond the doorway lies the Path of Eos, which consists of numerous tunnels, stone paths, and walkways. Parts of the path were very dark, which requires Kratos to use the newly acquired Head of Helios to illuminate the way. The path is mostly infested with Olympus Sentries, Olympus Archers, and Wraiths of Olympus. At the very end of the path is a giant Icarus vent, which Kratos must use to reach the Caverns of Olympus, which sit higher up within the mountain.

Glitched Draft Edit

Also known as Secret Eos. If anyone were to perform Icarus Ascension on a particular part of the hidden door once it's found, in the demo, the player would be able to climb and maneuver, and enter a glitched state that extends the demo much longer. After opening the door, the Pate of Eos will be covered in a white mist. It is currently unknown if the demo can be finished.


  • The Path of Eos was named after the goddess Eos. In an ironic twist, Kratos used her brother's head to find his way out of the cavern.


  • God of War III Remastered (PS4)
  • God of War III Remastered (PS4)

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