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In-Game Information
Alias/es: {{{alias}}}
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Island of Creation
Species/Race: Titans
Misc. Information
Family Member/s: *Ouranos (grand-father) †
  • Gaia (grand-mother) †
  • Kreios (father)
  • Eurybia (mother)
  • Hekate (daughter)
  • Asteria (wife)
Current status: Deceased
Location: Tartarus
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by: none
Appears in: God of War II

God of War III

Perses is one of the great Titans that takes part in the Second Titanomachy in God of War III.

Greek MythologyEdit

In Greek Mythology, Perses was the Titan of Destruction. Perses means "Volcanic Destruction." Perses was the son of Titan siblings, Kreios and Eurybia. He was wed to Asteria, his cousin, daughter of Titans Phoibe and Koios.

They had one child noted in mythology, Hekate, honored by Zeus above all others as the goddess of wilderness, childbirth, witchcraft and magic. She was given shares of the sky, the sea and the underworld.

God of War SeriesEdit

God of War IIEdit

Perses shortly appears at the end of God of War II, after Kratos had rewound his own Thread of Fate to beyond his birth, to visit the first Titanomachy. Meeting Gaia, who was already expecting him, Kratos convinces her and the other Titans to journey back with him to his own time, where Zeus, weakened and wounded after battling Kratos, had fled back to Mount Olympus. Perses, along with his other comrades in battle, is then seen climbing Mount Olympus, starting the Second Titanomachy. If you look closely to the left, you can see Perses climbing beside and behind Gaia.

God of War IIIEdit

In God of War III, Perses is seen fighting his arch-nemesis Helios several times. He is first seen scaling Olympus alongside the other Titans including Oceanus, Epimetheus, Gaia, and Hyperion, but was later knocked off after Helios blasted him with his fire balls and caused Perses to sink below the clouds. Seen once again climbing the City of Olympia and battling Helios simultaneously, Kratos then saved Perses from Helios' attacks by firing a ballista, thereby damaging his Chariot. Perses then crushed Helios and his Chariot in his hand, subsequently throwing him to the other side of the city.

Later, after having made his way through an Icarus Vent, Kratos came across Perses again, who tried to kill him, even though Kratos had previously aided him in battle. It is possible that Perses found out what Kratos had done to Gaia and tried to avenge her. Kratos shunned the attack of the titan, then pulled out the Blade of Olympus and impaled Perses' left eye before causing an explosion, blasting the Titan's face. Perses fell off the mountain once again, only this time, it seemed very unlikely he would survive the explosion or the fall.


  • Perses about to meet his end.
  • High quality render of Olympia, depicting Kratos' progress, halted by a Centaur, and the Titan Perses.
  • Structure Model

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