The Pit of Tartarus, located within the Underworld, was the very site upon which the legendary battle between the Gods and the Titans took place. After the Titans' defeat, they were imprisoned within the Pit of Tartarus for all eternity.


Pit of Tartarus

In the God of War SeriesEdit

God of War IIEdit

After his fight with Zeus and the death of Athena, Kratos went back to the Temple of the Fates and used the Mirror of Destiny to travel back in time, to where the first Great War erupted. Upon convincing Gaia and the Titans to return to the present, where Zeus was now weakened, Kratos brought forth the Second Titanomachy as the Titans climbed Mount Olympus to destroy the gods.

God of War IIIEdit

After Kratos journeyed to Pandora's Temple to recover Pandora's Box, Zeus became consumed with fear to the point that he banished Cronos to the Pits of Tartarus.

In order to secure the aid of the God Hephaestus, Kratos travelled into the Underworld where he traversed the Pit of Tartarus, and to find the Omphalos Stone. Hephaestus sought to use the stone to forge a weapon for Kratos, for use in battle against Zeus. During his journey, Kratos encountered the imprisoned Cronos, who was angered by Kratos' involvement Gaia's death. As the two engaged in battle, Kratos eventually proved superior, as he slew the Titan with the Blade of Olympus by thrusting it into his forehead. He then escaped the hellish area, returning to Hephaestus' forge.

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