Portal to Olympus

Kratos in front of the Portal

Take these stairs Kratos. They lead to your ultimate reward.


The Portal to Olympus stands upon the highest cliff of the Suicide Bluffs, and is a large, ornate bronze shrine, with a statue of Athena beside it.

In the God of War SeriesEdit

God of War: Chains of OlympusEdit

The shrine can only be opened by a god, revealing a passage to Olympus itself. When Kratos fell from the Sun Chariot, two Gods were seen emerging from, and going back into, the portal itself.

God of WarEdit

After Kratos' futile attempt to commit suicide, Athena opened the portal, and told him to ascend its steps to claim his ultimate reward and take his place with the Gods.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

After Kratos killed Thanatos, Athena appeared from the portal, and explained to him that his ties from the world were severed and that he was ready to become a god. Kratos refused and walked in the portal, and told her that the gods we're going to pay for all the pain he had gone through.

God of War IIIEdit

The portal briefly appears but is slightly smaller in the distance when Kratos confronts his fears within his own psyche.


  • The symbol on the portal is the Omega symbol of Olympus. There is a similar portal in Atlantis ( in Ghost of Sparta) that leads to the Domain Of Death, yet that portal has a depiction of the Skull Of Keres. It may be that different portals have different emblems on them associated with where the portal leads.
  • The Portal to Olympus is likely a Hyperion Gate as Kratos required access to the portal after ascending to the state of a God (gaining the soul of a God).

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