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Rabid Hound (God of War Ghost of Sparta)

Rabid Hound in God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Rabid Hounds are small, vicious, diseased dogs that are encountered in God of War: Ghost of Sparta and God of War II.

They assault Kratos in packs and attack by leaping and biting at him with their teeth. Kratos can damage them by grabbing and then kicking them, which will also deal damage to any other enemies hit by the hound as it goes flying. After doing enough damage, Kratos can kill them by getting on top of them, and snapping their neck.

In Ascension and God of War III, Kratos fights a very similar enemy known as Feral Hound.



  • It is so far unknown if these hounds have any correlation with a mythological creature, though if they are, possibilities such as the hound Laelaps are a possibility.

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