Let the rage of Sparta fuel your blade, Kratos!


The Rage of Sparta appears as the new rage ability in God of War III.

When the rage is active, Kratos can use only the Blade of Olympus. In rage mode, Kratos' attacks and overall speed become faster, his defense rate increases, and his attacks deal much more damage. The camera zooms in slightly, and all colors become unsaturated, except for Kratos' tattoo and the blade, which glows blue, and the tattoo, which glows red.

The Rage Meter can be filled by collecting Gold Orbs. Activating the meter causes a significant startup drain that prevents Kratos from abusing this power, around 1/8th the meter is drained automatically once activated.

The Blade of Olympus is received in the depths of Hades, after Kratos lost it when he fell off Gaia.

Finding Zeus' Eagle inside of Gaia grants Kratos infinite Rage of Sparta in Bonus Play. It is very useful against large enemies or when running low on health. As soon as the Rage of Sparta is activated, Kratos growls viciously at his enemies.


  • Activate/Deactivate Rage of Sparta - L3 + R3
  • Spartan Fury: A vicious slashing combo that ends in a powerful final sweep of the sword. Tap Square
  • Spartan Spirit: Kratos spins the blade quickly three times, and ends with a slam on the ground that sends all surrounding enemies up in the air. Tap Triangle (/\)
  • Spartan Glory: Kratos leaps forward and stabs the blade into the ground, sending a shockwave forward. He then pulls it out and swings up, sending another shockwave. Tap X


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