Reap the Rewards

Reap the Rewards challenge

Reap the Rewards is the fifth of the seven Challenges of the Titans.

Kratos must collect a total of at least 500 Red Orbs before his time limit of 180 seconds expires. However, the enemies found in the challenge (Wraiths and Harpies) don't drop Red Orbs when killed. The best method of doing this is to use Divine Sacrifice (L1 + Circle) with the Blade of Olympus as enemies surround Kratos. Other methods can include racking up combos with Cronos' Rage and the Rage of the Titans and always killing enemies via special kills.


  • Collect a total of at least 500 Red Orbs.
  • Time limit of 180 seconds.

Bonus PointsEdit

  • Collect a total of at least 600 Red Orbs before the end of the challenge.


  • The Blade of Olympus is the most useful weapon in this challenge. Like mentioned above, its Divine Sacrifice attack (L1 + O) is the best way to gain lots of orbs. Note that the Blade must be at least at level 2 in order to use this attack.
    • The second advantage of the Blade is that any kill with it that is not a quick time event will result in a Mutilation of the enemy, which gives +10 red orbs. All the enemies of this challenge can be mutilated. A Brutal Kill, which is performed by pressing O to grab enemies, grants only +5 red orbs and takes more time to be done than a Mutilation. Always keep the Blade in hand for constant Mutilations.
  • Cronos' Rage and the Rage of the Titans are useful because Cronos' Rage is the best way to form huge combos in the game and gain lots of orbs, which is very important for this challenge. As long as Kratos is using the Rage of the Titans, he won't lose his combos, unless L1 is pressed, and this is why the Rage is another very good relic to perform big combos.
    • The Head of Euryale can be used as well, but Cronos' Rage is much more efficient for performing big combos and killing more enemies.
    • Note that, although enemies don't drop red orbs when killed in this challenge, Wraiths will keep dropping blue ones. Although in a small quantity, these can still help to use magic, specially Cronos' Rage.

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