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Free me! You must set me free! I'm begging you, on your humanity, don't do this!

–Sacrificed Soldier

Sacrifice Man

Soldier about to be sacrificed in God of War Collection

The 'Sacrificed Soldier is an individual found among several more Athenian Soldiers, locked up in cages at the end of Poseidon's Corridor.

After Kratos found the Crank of Poseidon, he uses it to bring him and his cage down. The soldier begged Kratos to free him so they can return to Athens but Kratos says he must be sacrificed to appease Poseidon. The soldier pleads for Kratos to stop as he pushes him into the Chamber of Sacrifice, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Kratos gains passage to the Chamber of Poseidon after the sacrifice is complete.


  • In God of War Collection, this sacrifice earns you the "Totally Baked!" trophy.
  • The PAL PlayStation 2 version shows a slight difference when compared to the original PlayStation 2 version and the remastered PlayStation 3 Collection. Kratos shows a slight sadistic smirk on his face when he finally realised the possibilities of his caged victim.
  • The sacrificed soldier in the US version of God of War was replaced with an Undead Legionnaire for the PAL release, exhibiting anger instead of desperation.
  • With the release of the God of War Collection, no changes were made to this censorship. Since the US version of the God of War Collection is region-free however, the sacrificed soldier also became available for PAL regions through import.
  • Voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voiced a character in the TinkerBell film series, Bobble.
  • Kratos sacrifices a man with fire in each game of the main series in God of War, he sacrifices the Sacrificed Soldier in the first game, in God of War II, he sacrifices Prometheus by burning him in the Fires of Olympus, in God of War III he burns Peirithous using the Cerberus mongrel to end the man's life.

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