The Scourge of Erinys is a magic available in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

Kratos acquires this artifact after having killed Erinys in the forests outside of Sparta, allowing him to unleash dark voids. These voids seek out enemies and draw them in like a vortex, damaging them and preventing smaller creatures from attacking altogether or simply sucking them in the void. In addition to harming Kratos' foes, this power can drain their life force and release it in the form of Green Orbs, healing Kratos of his injuries. This makes it very helpful when Kratos has low health in combat.

Orb CostsEdit

  • Level 1 - N/A
  • Level 2 - 5,650 Orbs
  • Level 3 - 12,350 Orbs


Level 1

  • Eternal Void - Press Left to create a void that consumes enemies, hitting them multiple times. Left

Level 2Edit

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range

Level 3Edit

  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range


  • The Scourge of Erinys will not break armor or shields but it will drain Green Orbs from those enemies.
  • The void can be strengthened twice by pressing the Left button on the D-Pad repeatedly. This will cast a larger void capable of draining small infantry to death.
  • The Sourge of Erinys can be used to get unlimited red orbs by using it in the bonus game, selecting infinte magic, health and enemy health

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