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My lord, Kratos! Another city is ready to fall! Soon all shall know the glory of Sparta!

–The Last Spartan.


The Siege of Rhodes

The Siege of Rhodes was an battle in which the soldiers of Sparta laid siege to the Greek city of Rhodes under the watchful eye of Kratos, their new God of War. Eventually, as the Spartans began taking the city, Kratos himself descended from Olympus to aid in the siege himself. He then fought against the Rhodes Soldiers, and the Colossus of Rhodes itself. The siege ended after Kratos destroyed the Colossus, and Zeus destroyed both the armies of Sparta and Rhodes with the Blade of Olympus.


  • Though Zeus destroyed both armies, and after Kratos escapes from the Underworld, you can still see the battle raging on in the distance.
    • This is likely a development error.
  • It seems interesting that Kratos would now be doing exactly what he stopped Ares from doing in the first game, destroying a major Greek city.
    • The difference with the Siege of Athens, Kratos' attack wasn't in order to humiliate Helios (like Ares did to Athena), but only as part of his conquest through Greece.


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