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A warrior of Poseidon wielding the Spear of Olympus

The Spear of Olympus is a featured weapon in God of War: Ascension. It is makes an appearance exclusively in the multiplayer mode "Desert of the Lost Souls" map, giving one of the teams, either the Spartans or the Trojans the ability to kill Polyphemus. The spear descends from the sky partway through a multiplayer match and it becomes a race for each team to obtain the weapon. To pull it from the ground the player must first fight their way through the opposing team and grab hold of the spear with "R1"; then the player must rapidly press 'O' before an enemy interrupts the sequence


The spear itself can be used both in combat against other players and to kill Polyphemus.  When a player stuns an enemy with the spear and tethers him, he'll engage in a minigame that'll guarentee quick kill.


The spear is has two bronze tips and rod made of white, glowing energy. Its tips also appear to glow in magical energy.


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