The Statue of Hades.

Several statues of Lord Hades can be found throughout the God of War series.

In the God of War SeriesEdit

God of War: AscensionEdit

Hades statue

Statue of Hades in GoW: Ascension multiplayer.

A giant statue of Hades appears in Olympus during the beginning of the multiplayer mode of God of War: Ascension. If the warrior activates it then they get the choice to submit their soul to Hades.

God of War: Chains of OlympusEdit

A statue of the God of the Dead can be found in the Temple of Zeus in the Jails of Tartarus. In this statue, one can see Hades with his helmet on, and the spikes adorning his body fully detailed. This statue must be destroyed by Kratos on his quest to escape the jails. This same statue can be found in the fourth Challenge of Hades: Crunch Time.

God of WarEdit

Another statue can be found in the Chamber of Hades, in Pandora's Temple. Several others can be seen throughout the game, as in the room containing Pandora's Box.

Though they are not statues, several carvings can be found in the chamber that once contained Pandora's Guardian.

Hades statue

Statue found in the Garden of the Gods.

God of War: Ghost of SpartaEdit

In the Hades arena map there is a statue similar to the ones found in God of War. It is overlooking the arena.

God of War IIEdit

Hades is one of the six golden God Statues within the Garden of the Gods in the Palace of the Fates.

God of War IIIEdit

Untitled 1456

A Statue of Hades in God of War III

Several Statues of Hades exist within the Underworld, most notably the one inside the Palace of Hades, which Kratos breaks open and where the two of them fight. There are several other statues of him within the Underworld, though they also contain the design from the first game and current model.

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