Shield of Sun

The Sun Shield is the personal shield of Helios. Kratos obtained the Sun Shield within the Temple of Helios, where it was attached to the Sun God's throne. The Sun Shield receives new abilities when leveled up, and it also receives the Helios Reflect ability after Kratos obtains the Primordial Fire within the Caves of Olympus.

After Persephone is defeated and Kratos returns to Earth, Helios takes his shield back.

Orb CostsEdit

  • Level 1 - N/A
  • Level 2 - 1,500 Orbs


Level 1Edit

  • Helios Reverse - Press L before being hit to reflect an attack. Tap L
  • Helios Reflect - Press L before being hit by projectiles to do a powerful counterattack. Tap L

Level 2Edit

  • Helios Flash (Parry) - After a parry, press square to counter with a quick strike. This attack can cut heads of enemies and give a small orb blue for magic for one head. L + square
  • Helios Offensive (Parry) - After a parry, press triangle to counter with a heavy overhead attack. L+ triangle


  • In God of War III, the shield reappears but it is called "Helios' shield". It is now a prized possession of the gods, and it triples the number on Kratos' hit counter.
  • The Sun Shield is similar to the Golden Fleece used in the later God of War games. Both are powerful, mostly golden artifacts that are worn on the arm and possess the ability to parry and reflect enemy attacks. Unlike the Sun Shield, the GoW version of the Golden Fleece is based on a real myth, but lacks a direct affiliation to any specific god.
  • Unlike its Ghost of Sparta counterpart, the Sun Shield has odd effects (game glitches or errors written in the scripts):
    • It does not show up on Kratos' body until he blocks.
    • For some unknown reason, Kratos can still be petrified and turned to stone even while blocking in front of a Gorgon.
    • Unlike the Arms of Sparta, Kratos cannot move while blocking with the Sun Shield.


  • Sun Shield

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