Sister Temple

Temple of the Fates.

None, not even the Titans know how to reach the Sisters' temple. But it is said he who finds it will wield great power.


The Temple of the Fates is the sacred temple of the Sisters of Fate, located high above the Island of Creation. It sits in a sea of dark mist, at the edge of the world. The only way to reach the temple is summon the Phoenix and ride it to the Spire, from where the temple can be accessed.

Within the temple, Kratos first fights Lahkesis at her throne, then Atropos at the Temple of the Oracle, and then both of them in the Throne Room, where he defeats the two sisters.

Kratos then journeys deeper into the Inner Sanctum of the Temple, where he comes to Clotho's Loom Chamber. There, he kills the third and final Sister of Fate, and takes control over the threads, allowing him to travel back in time at the moment Zeus killed him.

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