The Realm of Poseidon is located deep within the Challenge of Poseidon, inside Pandora's Temple. It can only be accessed by way of achieving Poseidon's Trident. After acquiring the Trident, Kratos must swim into an underwater tunnel and emerge in a cavernous grotto. After taking out many Cerberus Seeds, a lever provides access into the Realm of Poseidon. The Realm is a mysterious underwater area, consisting of many interconnected passageways. Kratos has to navigate through these passages while avoiding multiple traps, including Poseidon's Mouth and the Walls of Poseidon. Also within the Realm are three areas holding Nyads, daughters of Poseidon, who Kratos can kiss to get a reward. After maneuvering through the Realm, Kratos emerges in Amphitrite's Chamber.

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