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Skull of Keres

The Skull of Keres is the key Kratos needs to gain entrance into the Domain of Death to rescue Deimos from his torment.

Callisto told Kratos he needed to find the Skull of Keres in the Temple of Ares in Sparta in order to enter Death's Domain. Kratos reached the Temple of Ares and found a mirror inside, showing him free of his chains.

The reflection then tried to grab Kratos and pull him inside the mirror, but failed. The mirror then sent out an image in the form of his younger self to attack Kratos. Kratos then grabbed the image and threw it at the mirror, shattering it. Kratos then tackled the image into the mirror, breaking it, and revealing the Skull of Keres. He then returned to Atlantis using The Skull of Keres to enter the Domain of Death and save his brother.


  • When Kratos used this item, it grew roots similar to those found in God of War II, right before the fight with Perseus.

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