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The Trials of Archimedes are a group of difficult battles in God of War: Ascension located at the statue of Nyx in the Lantern of Delos.

God of War: AscensionEdit

Upon climbing and fixing the Statue of Apollo in Delos, Kratos is met with a plethora of difficult monsters that he must slay. Fiery columns are also a hazard in the trials. The Trials has 3 areas of combat. The first wave contains 4 Hooded Gorgon and 4 Siren Sybils, the second wave contains 2 Delos Warriors, an Elemental Talos, and 4 Harpies and the third wave and last contains a Centaur General and 3 Wraith of Hades. After Kratos completes a wave, he gains half his health and magic when another encounter begins.

Beating the Trials - VideoEdit

God Of War Ascension Trials Of Archimedes-314:56

God Of War Ascension Trials Of Archimedes-3

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