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Umfir fua fik fir Valhalla!


Trolls are Norse monsters that will appear in God of War. They are giant creatures with a set of giant tusks on the edge of their faces.

In God of War seriesEdit

Trolls are giant creatures with a set of giant tusks on edge of their faces and are able to pick up heavy weights due to their strength. They appear to possess the element of fire as they are able to turn their limbs into lava, before slamming them in the ground, melting the earth beneath. They can also throw lava from their fingertips.

They appear to possess some intelligence, as the Troll featured in the God of War trailer was not only capable of speaking a native tongue to Kratos (which it appeared to presume Kratos understood), but was even willing to beg for mercy from Kratos and Atreus when it believed its life was about to end. This sense of self-preservation and communication is a normally unseen trait from the "lesser" creatures of the God of War series.

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