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Attack enemies from a distance with this weapon ripped from Typhon's eye.

Typhon's Bane is a weapon introduced in God of War II, stolen from Typhon's eye.

As Kratos made his way to the Island of Creation, he comes across Typhon's Lair. After making his way through the cavern, he encounters Typhon, and stabs him in the eye repeatedly. Kratos rips out Typhon's Bane from behind Typhon's eye, and uses it to free Prometheus from his torment. A magical bow-like weapon, Typhon's Bane allows Kratos to fire gusts of wind instead of arrows. It can be leveled up as well, increasing its power and to gain new abilities.

Orb CostsEdit

  • Level 1 - n/a
  • Level 2 - 2,500 Orbs
  • Level 3 - 12,500 Orbs


Typhon's Bane - attacks

Level 1Edit

  • Wind Blast - Hold L2 and then press square to fire a gust of wind at your enemies. L2 + square
  • Wind Blast (Air) - While airborne, hold L2 and then press square to fire a gust of wind at your enemies. L2 + square

Level 2Edit

  • Rapid Fire Wind Blast - The gusts of wind can be shot more rapidly as the square button is pressed
  • Lethal Vortex - Hold L2 and then press triangle to release a whirlwind that launches enemies into the air. L2 + triangle

Level 3Edit

  • Lethal Vortex Upgrade
  • Wind Blast (Charged) - While holding L2, hold square and then release to fire multiple homing wind blasts. L2 + hold square
  • Titan Storm - Hold L2, and then press circle to command a raging tempest with a large area of damage. L2 + circle

Trivia Edit

  • Before God of War II's release, it was an Unnamed Wind Magic in place of being called Typhon's Bane.
  • There is a glitch with Typhon's Bane that gives Kratos a brief window of invulnerability after drawing the bow. This can be used tactically to avoid heavy hits and, if perfectly timed, the ability to never get hit. This is also the case with the Head of Euryale.
  • Some instances in the God of War community have reported using Lethal Vortex during certain boss fights, including Theseus, Mole Cerberus and Lahkesis, will cause the game to freeze and crash.
  • One can bypass Typhon's Lair during one's Bonus Play by freeing Prometheus immediately, as the player can use Typhon's Bane from the start.


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