Kratos in the unnamed city

The Unnamed Greek City is an unknown city which was invaded by Kratos and his Spartan army in their destructive quest to conquer all of Greece.

God of War: BetrayalEdit

Kratos and his army made their way through the city, with the new God of War butchering the soldiers who attempted to defend their doomed city. Kratos then entered a dark room with a Spartan soldier, and found the monstrous pet of Hera, Argos, in the room.

The soldier was greatly frightened by this, but Kratos was unmoved. His determination to allow his fellow Spartans to conquer the city drove him to fight the beast. He fought Argos multiple times in the city, but, ultimately, Argos was slaughtered by a superhuman assassin who was sent by an unknown master to turn Olympus against Kratos.

Kratos chased the warrior throughout the city, but Zeus, despising the violence Kratos had generated while in the city, sent the son of Hermes, Ceryx, to halt the battle; Kratos murdered Ceryx and the assassin quickly escaped.

The Spartans then celebrated their victory soon after Kratos' defeat of the God.



Greek Soldier

The soldiers of the city are the courageous men who attempted to defend their city against Kratos. They are armed with bronze chest armor, a round shield, a one-handed sword, and a traditional Hoplite helmet; sometimes they are not seen with a shield. These soldiers are intensely trained, but this training proves too weak to confront a God, especially a God who was once the general of the Spartan Army.

Kratos can kill these soldiers by ripping them in a half, or swinging them away with his blade, much like Undead Legionnaires. The soldiers appear to have the magic ability to appear out of nowhere, but it should be considered a part of the limited game mechanics.