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  • AliBaba51341

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    It's either God of War IV or a Vita Title.


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  • AliBaba51341

    If there was a God of War III sequel or another prequel (Playstation Vita?), what top 5 Gods or beings come to mind for Kratos to kill (Greek Myth).

    1. Atlas

    2. Apollo

    3. Artemis

    4. Stheno

    5. Demeter

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  • AliBaba51341

    If Kratos had a sister like the one to the right >

    And you could design her backstory, tattoo, etc, what would you make?

    NOTE: This is not an idea for a future God of War game. This is just for fun :)

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  • AliBaba51341

    The other say i was playing God of War III and i slept like at 1:30 AM. I had a dream of some "angel" type guy reviving Kratos. Then I suddenly woke up and was like, "WTF."

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  • AliBaba51341

    I just wanted to through this out on the wikia...


    My Thoughts:

    YES! I would love to see Kratos one last time. But I don't know where the developers can go with the story now? I would really hate it if it went to a different mythology. I would also want to see an END to the story. As most of us know this, ever since God of War II, there is always a portable title after a console title. Notice the pattern: God of War II (PS2) - God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP) - God of War III (PS3) - God of War: Ghost of Sparta (PSP) - God of War IV (PS3) - God of War ??? (NGP)

    Your Thoughts?

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