So Based on What cory barlog said on tweeter all Myth now exist at the same time and  all of them are connected.

This kinda confusing since:

1. every myth has different Cosmology as cory said in the next GoW Game there will be nine realms. 

2. Helios is the Sun God. The Norse mythology has one of those too. Who could possibly take priority over the other if they exist in the same world ? Are there all of a sudden different *suns*? A Greek sun and a Norse sun? That would be extremely complex to explain.

3. Greek Myth has its own creator beings. It's really weird to have different origins for the universe, the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth, the rain and clouds, life itself, etc all existing at the same time.

At least in Interview Cory mentioned if GoW world is more like "hubble spaces"

What do you guys think ? make your own theory :)

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