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    On December 6th, 2014, Cory Barlog, Lead Animator ofGod of War and Game Director of God of War II, revealed that Santa Monica is currently working on a new title in the God of War Franchise! 

    Cory Barlog, who rejoined Santa Monica in August 2013, have reported on the God of War Retrospective panel, stating: 'Yes, we are making another God of War! The tweet was sent by Santa Monica, per Game Informer. The announcement was quickly taken down by Sony.

    IGN's journalists reported the same statement however, making it likely a new game is really in the make. Not much is known about the game, only that it wouldn't be another prequel.

    So far for the original report. Now some theories.

    Sequel or Reboot: Since God of War III, ended with the death of all…

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    I have worked on this wiki for approx 5 years now and over the years I have met really annoying pratices. Vandalism by people without accounts. It is very disrespectful to all men and women who tried their best to make this wiki informative and interesting. But over the last months, it passes all bounds. Rarely a day passes without someone ruining a page with stupid suggestions, vulgar languages or sometimes wrongly removing content. This has to be repaired by others (both by people with and without accounts, some are sincere). The newest trend is even more repulsive, namely undoing the repair. 

    So my proposal is the following, block any anynomous contributer for editting a page. I have seen this on other wikis, mainly because of the age-13…

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    Before the release of God of War III, they were rumors about giants in the game. So far they didn't have made an appearance in the God of War: Series. At least not as an enemy. But there were plans to let fight Kratos against in God of War: Ascension. Concept Art reveals three giants which would have appeared in Ascension if they weren't cut.

    The first giant is three times bigger then Kratos but looks the most human of the three. He's dressed like an Greek soldier, being covered in armor and wears a helmet similar to Hercules. His face is hidden behind a metal mask. His weapon of choice is a dual weapon with a morning star and lance, which is larger then him.

    The second giant would be the biggest undead if he wasn't cut from the games. He la…

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    Recently I found this Concept Art, searching for more info about the upcoming God of War. This photo should be the cover of Gameinformer and shows Kratos struggling with an almost demonic looking creature.

    If I look at the seize of the creature, this would be more likely a boss fight.

    And since it features wings, a scorpionlike tail and wings and the lion head I believe this is a manticora.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Am I only one who find it suspicious that Athena tells Kratos how he rite himself from his nightmares, by forgiving him... at the end of God of War III! This is my vision why she did this...

    When Kratos became the champion of the gods, she planned to rite him from his nightmares after he removed the threat that Ares poses. She really wanted to tell him that to be free, he had to forgive himself for what he had become. But from the moment, Pandora's Box was opened and she was infected by greed, she came up with a plan. At the beginning of God of War, Kratos was already at the brink of insanity, so he would become even more ruthless as his nightmare continues. She tricked him in believing that the Gods couldn't help him but without telling hi…

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