Before the release of God of War III, they were rumors about giants in the game. So far they didn't have made an appearance in the God of War: Series. At least not as an enemy. But there were plans to let fight Kratos against in God of War: Ascension. Concept Art reveals three giants which would have appeared in Ascension if they weren't cut.


Giant Ascension Cut Content 1
The first giant is three times bigger then Kratos but looks the most human of the three. He's dressed like an Greek soldier, being covered in armor and wears a helmet similar to Hercules. His face is hidden behind a metal mask. His weapon of choice is a dual weapon with a morning star and lance, which is larger then him.

Undead Giant

Giant Ascension Cut Content 2
The second giant would be the biggest undead if he wasn't cut from the games. He lacks the most of the armor, the giant had and reveals his decaying flesh. His lower arms were skinned while his ribs and lower jaw are exposed. His weapon is a long lance that is again larger then his body. His appearance looks similar to the Undead of Darksiders.

Arctic Giant

Giant Ascension Cut Content 3
The last giant is even decayed further then the undead. On several parts of his flesh are replaced by ice, revealing their bones in the ice, like at his arms and legs. His torso is also covered in ice, seemingly protecting his organs. His shoulder and fingers are exposed to the air. His weapon is the same as the weapon of the Undead giant.

These three cool creatures were cut from the game for unknown reasons but it is surely a missed opportunity if you ask me. Post your opinion in the comments below.

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