• DaGodzlayerrrr!!97

    if you were to classify kratos fighting style,what would it be?

    personally i think its pankration.i just get tired of hearing people say that kratos is just a brawler.although he uses weapons a lot,judging from his brutal kills i think he is an accomplished hand to hand combatant.these are somethings throughout the games that make me think he practiced pankration:

    1.utilizing strikes that resemble boxing

    e.g. his final fight with zeus,his kill on poseidon,punching undead legionaires,punching in hercules face etc.

    2.his grappling and wrestling prowess

    e.g. wrestling with minotaurs,his hyperion charge move in ghost of sparta,manhandling hercules,nearly all his grab moves with undead legionaires,utilizing counter throws to hermes etc.

    3.his fightin…

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