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  • Darth-Mynockk

    ok folks, the first look at the new GoW game has arrived!!! For those who still have not seen it, go here:

    Clearly the game is a sequel, and NOT a reboot as many have feared. This is evident by the ashen skin and the scars on Kratos' wrists from the blade chains and on his abdomen from his attempt at killing himself at the end of GoW3. Also the Spartan Rage is still deep within the Ghost of Sparta. Now it seems he has a new family....... a second chance....... 

    I think this new look for Kratos makes him look even MORE bad-ass that before! that beard gives him a more primal look, but at the same time shows wisdom. The line "Do not be better" shows this beau…

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  • Darth-Mynockk

    Lets face fact: We all wait with eager anticipation for another GoW game, the long rumoured movie, books, ANYTHING!!!!! Kratos is argueably the biggest badass in gaming history, and we all revel in his "pissed off with the system and Imma tear it all down" attitude. Anyone heard any news on upcoming content?

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