this is suppose to be an example of what I'm thinking Santa Monica Studios was trying to have us do, you see I think the reason why Kratos's body is missing leading to the distance is because santa monica wanted players to interprit the imagination of what they think will happen next, let me show you guys the example.
God of War - Message secret n°201:54

God of War - Message secret n°2

this is my favorite and makes a good example

Kratos and the Justice League

right about in the future where the justice league resume in, Morgen Le Fay(an enemy of Etrigan) summons a portal to summon a powerful warrior. mean while, on the suicide bluffs Kratos wakes up from his early death, and sees a portal and went into the portal and wounded up into the world of the Justice League, madness was drilling into the minds of the superheroes witnessing the downfall of mankind and when superman heard of this there moniter was picking up a raw energy wave right in the watch tower and the portal showed up and there Kratos had shown himself and Wonder Woman did her common swear replacment speaking the name of Hera, Kratos replied: Hera is dead, Diana(Wonder Woman) also replied: what are you talking about she is a goddess, Kratos then said: no I killed her, like I killed Zeus, while Morgan Le Fay was watching them, Kratos explained(because Superman asked) and he said Zeus betrayed him because he fell pray to the evil within pandora's box and killed him for revenge then he brought hope to the people of the world, this made the J'on J'ones to go through his memories and it appears he is from another timeline and due to what he did in is timeline Superman recruited him to be apart of the Justice League even though he is an anti-hero, he will get learn to be heroic instead of anti-heroic. after that day he learned to fight for good but he kept his brutal combat which the League did not approve but yet they had to go along with it. which Kratos' violant act was pretty gory and awesome.

about the example

like I said this is my own epic in my own kind of canon which is what I think is only canon to those who want it to be canon to them but still this is an example, you guys can make your own canon your own story your own sequel and have fun with it.

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