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stuff that I notticed

ok I've notticed somethings from other games and comic books that were used in god of war 3

the gods

some of the gods have similarities to some DC superheroes

  • poseidon = Aquaman
  • Hermes = the flash

the other gods don't see anything but one other god(or demigod) has similarities to a disney movie, thats right you guessed it "Hercules".


ok, we all know he dies then we see a post-credits scene but I'm going to talk about his agenda, people say he is a anti-hero but if you hear some words in god of war 2 and 3, he sez things that relate to saving sparta or protecting it. This might mean he is not just an anti-hero but he is also a superhero(like that comic book spawn) I'll show you guys a picture. Now that you see it, I'm thinking that he is as much the same way as spawn(who is an anti-superhero).
Spawn Classic

for those who don't know him, this is spawn an as you could say an anti-superhero

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