I am wondering about this bet that the comic book spoke about, about the champions that were chosen want to show a speculation of what I think are part of this "Bet"


  • Ares-Kratos
  • Hades-Alrik
  • Zeus-Perseus
  • Hera-Hercules
  • poseidon-Theseus
  • Hermes-Icarus
  • Hephaestus-Pandora
  • aphrodite-Medusa or Daedelus
  • Helios- the last spartan
  • Artemis-???
  • Athena-Kratos' brother

it is unknown who Helios chose, its most likely that Helios did not take part in this "Bet".

those who are missing might have not taken part in this "Bet"


for those who might think differently you can put it in the comments.

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