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November 18, 2010
  • Dreamheartemblem

    God of Death = Scary

    November 19, 2010 by Dreamheartemblem

    Seriously this guy freaks me out in many ways....

    Dark, gothic, reaks of Death, his voice is even freaky...

    Man this is the type of God you won't want too see in a dark ally all by yourself.

    I would rather take my chances with Hades himself.

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  • Dreamheartemblem

    Freaky if you think about, if these 2 deadly Gods went one on one against each other.

    Hades ruler of the dead vs the God of Death which no mortal or God dare to enter Death's Domain.

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  • Dreamheartemblem

    Damn can't remember the last time Kratos got man handeld, or did he ever in the previous titles... Bc in Ghost of Sparta, facing his brother Deimos.... Man he got his ass whipped by his younger brother, during the cutscene where they showed kratos POV when Deimos started too pound on him....

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  • Dreamheartemblem

    Both titles are great on the PSP! C.O.O has a much better storyline. Due to the fact it's original! G.O.S has better graphics, longer gameplay, and more moves. Storyline isn't that orginal, bc we all already know about Krato's past. Interesting though how we got to play and see it...

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