• Emblemheart24

    1. My favorite boss fight I would have to say is Hercules... I mean c'mon your in a arena fighting of those soldiers, then Hercules comes in. Like 20 against 1...

    2. Favorite boss kill is Pandora's Minotaur! How Kratos launches the huge flaming log straight at its heart. Sends him flying across the room. Pierced right in the heart! Ah memories....

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  • Emblemheart24

    Three Gorgons are, from oldest to youngest ( Medusa who was the eldest of the two but also the only mortal. Euryale the middle, and the last Stheno the youngest....

    So Medusa appeared in the 1st GOW, got her neck torn apart from Kratos.

    Euryale appeared in GOW 2, mentioned to Kratos how she was gonna exact revenge on how he killed her sister. Bitch got her head pulled back and cut off, btw cool finisher...

    Stheno the youngest of the two but the most crazy ass bitch, due to her hate for all men... I was really hoping that she would appear in GOW 3. :( guess not

    And when they mentioned the release of Ghost of Sparta, they said she might be in it.... Guess she wasn't...

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  • Emblemheart24

    GOW Betrayal!!!

    November 9, 2010 by Emblemheart24

    This is the only game they should consider a re-release or remake for the PSP! Even though I owe this game on my LG Verizon. Graphics are'nt that bad considering its on a phone! But it will be interesting if Ready At Dawn looked into this and somehow make it into a full 3D game...

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