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aka Kratos

  • I live in Everywhere you dont want me to be.
  • My occupation is 9th grade 4
  • I am male
  • God of nothing

    Since the release of GoW:A, the number of users editing the wiki has decreased constantly. A big number of problems still exist with no one to edit them:

    • Satyr page does not reflect Ascension's release.
    • Some weapons from the multiplayer are empty.
    • Not enough info on maps.

    I can't edit them all on my own because of lack of time, so I would like you to help solve those problems, and if you come across another problem, create a blog post about it. That way we could keep editing problems without having too much on our sholders. Let's work hard to bring this wiki back to life!

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  • God of nothing

    Information on the olympus weapons can be found in those links:


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