So, i know there is a lot people saying Kratos is dead or alive or whatever, but think about it. Kratos clearly dying, but then having a blood trail leading to the ocean. Something has to occur for that to happen. This is one of the many possbilities i had.

1. "Death cannot hold those with purpose" ~Athena. Maybe Kratos still has a purpose, and decided to float in the ocean until he finds land or something.

2. One of the other gods (that are still alive) saved him. Aeolus (god of wind), Apollo, Artemis, Aphrodite, Rhea, Dionysus, morpheus, etc. I believe that most likely Aeolus would of saved him, because he can carry him and then fly off the cliff. Explaining why the blodd trail stops there.

3. With Thanatos and Hades dead. No one controls the dead. Since the 3 judges are dead. No one can get judged anymore. Which means that Elsyium fields is now free. Deimos, Calliope, or lysandra, or even his mother could save him.

4. New warrior claims kratos's weapons except the blade of olympus and either saved or threw him off the cliff.

Now, i want to kow what you guys think?