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August 3, 2010
  • ImmaKitty

    Achieved for contributing for 5 days.

    I got it when I clicked on the 'Blades of Athena' page from the 'Kratos' Weapons' category. I havn't edited any pages... or typed on anyones blogs lately... what else counts as contributing?

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  • ImmaKitty

    Ghost of Sparta credits

    November 5, 2010 by ImmaKitty

    I didnt notice this the first time but on the credits it quickly zooms through all the names making the credits 1 second long. Is anyone else getting this glitch? Maybe its something to do with the preorder extra or a standard issue? It does this everytime i click credits... Not that this affects the game in any way...

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  • ImmaKitty

    Havn't been active for a long time. As soon as I gain my pre-orderd ghost of sparta, I'll help out the wiki again

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