Now the first thing your thinking is, "Oh this isn't God of War." Well forget about God of War for a while. The next game isn't coming out till November. If you have watched the Evil Dead trilogy, you probobly know what I'm talking about. I need your help to create our very own Necronomicon. If you do help, I will personally put your names in the book. However, It will be just like english. It will be translated backwards, translated into sumerian language, and finally sumerian text. I will send you a page of the translation after the book is finished. Remember, you can do whatever you want. But, It cannot include guns or modern technology, or else your page won't be in the book. It is written in blood, so you can only use red. If you want to add some black, that's fine. You can say it's the blood of a deadite. Send your submissions into the comment section below. No questions will be answered. And I don't want to tell you twice. 666 pages are to be included. The contents, the introduction, the glossary, everything. Make sure you make your page is described as best as you can. You can use photoshop, you can draw, paint, appleworks, whatever. But it has to look authentic. In a year, the book will be done. Don't waste your time, get to work, make me proud. And if you don't have 666 pieces of paper to print off of, not my problem. You can post your pictures on my talkpage. If you have some ideas you want to share, comment. See you in 2011, this is Labours of Kratos signing off. Good luck!

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