So, everyone knows what Minecraft is, right? You know, that, world made up of blocks, floating trees, creepers? Of course you do! Or not... Anyway, I was currently working on the olympus diorama, figuring out the height differences and stuff, then I stumbled apon this book called, "The God of War III Game Guide, Signature Series". Just rolls of your tounge. I found within it the maps and locations of where the legendary "Ghost of Sparta" has traveled. But the tragedy to come was finally realized. Olympus is just to damn big! So I scrapped the idea and tried to find a new method. Some way of making a replica of Olympus to share with the world, but some how have it small. That's when this little thing called Minecraft that popped in my head, turned into schematics for a build so close to resembling a game. If anyone owns the book, please let me know what goes where. If not, I'll scan the pages of the books onto my computer and upload it on the site. Anyone who does help will get their names mentioned for all to see and hear. Unfortunatley I will be buying the offical version of Minecraft in November to put the server on. But I would like to see some results of size comparison so I can at least make a rough draft for the finished product. Please, I need YOUR help.

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