• Matthew A-K

    I’m surprised that no one talks about this much, and i cant found a blog talking about the second Kratos too so here i go. I found only one talking about it but it was stupid

    God of war 2

    The whole point of the story was to change his fate, when Kratos went back in time and stopped Zeus from stabbing his past self, he’s death from Zeus was changed/His fate was changed. So at the end of the game I wondered "What happened to 'Past Kratos?" He wasn't stabbed, and at HIS time he did not get his revenge.

    My Answer: The second Kratos still lives but running lose somewhere else, searching for revenge.

    Others Answer: Kratos goes back, Past Kratos is ceased, his time line having been erased. Past Kratos was stabbed. (but we didn’t see that, you dumbass…

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