In my perspective I would have to say the 1st GOW!!! Because it introduced us to the baddest MotherF*** game icon in the gaming of history. This game describes what true adventure gaming should be... I was deeply sucked in the story when I first played this game back in 05. Great storyline, interesting plot, amazing graphics back in the day on PS2. Controls were easy to manevuer, combat & camera were good. Combos an weapons and oh yea the mini sex game was a shocking good surprise when I 1st saw it.... Anyways the more I played the game the more I was drawn into it.. Ever since I been a huge fan of the entire series... Plus the more I wanted to know about Kratos! But after I beated GOW3, I was actually satisfied with the ending. Most of you wouldn't agree with me on that one. But I do! He dominated the gods an titans, exacted his revenge on em... And in the end he finally founded a way too forgive himself with the help of Pandora... Plus he sacraficed himself so mankind can strive again, with hope......

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