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  • Shmeagle

    First 50 mins revealed

    March 6, 2013 by Shmeagle

    I found this on YouTube, it's the first 50 minutes of God of War: Ascension. It starts like the normal demo but continues so you can see some very interesting creatures. The video is in French.

    The URL is

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  • Shmeagle

    After playing through the demo, I have discovered a potentially game breaking problem: The Life Cycle. I thought at first that it'd rely on magic so you couldn't spam it to avoid getting hit and so you couldn't make enemies slow down to a stop every time you encountered one. But it doesn't need magic, it needs to recharge for three seconds and that's it - three second is less time than it takes for the enemy to start moving again. I suppose you might think that it'd be useless in a horde encounter but that's also not true, it slows all enemies in its beam and that can be a ridiculous number - the most I've got in one try is five out of six. I'm really quite worried that this new ability will make the game too easy as it is increadibly over…

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  • Shmeagle

    Just a note, I wrote this first on my user page and then added to it in order to create this blog post. This review is a matter of opinion and the overall score is compared to the other God of War games.

    (Just a note: I haven't played this game on the PSP, I played it on my PS3 on the Collector's Edition Volume II so the PSP game may have slight differences from the PS3 port). Most God of War fans consider this as the worst God of War game (by no means is that bad, however) but I actually like it more that God of War III. You might think I'm mad to even consider this five hour add-on better than the 'mighty' third instalment, and I wouldn't if it was a console title but it's a handheld game and they've done a great job. The scale is impress…

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  • Shmeagle

    An idea for 2015/17

    May 15, 2012 by Shmeagle

    Does anyone else think that Santa Monica should release God of War and God of war II in PS3 graphics (or even better if it happens in 2015/17)? I know they released the remastered collection and that had improved graphics but what I'm talking about is completely revamped graphics, a few changes to the boss fights and perhaps even adding some more bosses into God of war I. Who wouldn't want to see the hydra or pandora's guardian in HD? Also, I think a view command on some of the items would be nice (like they had in God of war III). What do you think? (By the way, the reason for why it would be released in 2015 would be because it would be a tenth anniversary edition).

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  • Shmeagle

    There's been a lot of speculation about the recent news that God of war: Ascension is going to contain multiplayer; some people think it's a great idea, others think that it will detract from the single player story. So, what do you think? Will multiplayer move the God of war series forward or will it make single player less of an epic experience?

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