After playing through the demo, I have discovered a potentially game breaking problem: The Life Cycle. I thought at first that it'd rely on magic so you couldn't spam it to avoid getting hit and so you couldn't make enemies slow down to a stop every time you encountered one. But it doesn't need magic, it needs to recharge for three seconds and that's it - three second is less time than it takes for the enemy to start moving again. I suppose you might think that it'd be useless in a horde encounter but that's also not true, it slows all enemies in its beam and that can be a ridiculous number - the most I've got in one try is five out of six. I'm really quite worried that this new ability will make the game too easy as it is increadibly over powered.

But while I'm on the topic of the demo being too easy I'll have to mention the rage mode, it activates without prompt and the rage meter is filled very quickly - in every battle I was in (except the Fire Talos) it started and everything was dead in about ten seconds. It just seems way too easy and to make matters worse, the rage meter doesn't go down in battle so Kratos will be unstoppable for the entire thing.

I'm pretty sure (or at least I'm hopeful) that the demo was on easy mode but if the hard and very hard mode don't up the difficulty massively then I think everyone could platinum this game in a week.

Just to finish off, the demo is in no means bad - in fact, it's very good - it is just too easy. And that doesn't mean that the situation in the demo was without challenge, it just means that everything that Kratos could do in the demo obliterated any enemy with ease and if that continues for the whole game (or for at least the part that he has rage and the Life Cycle) then the experience may be worsened. The only thing the God of War series seems to be criticised for is the fact that the combat doesn't change, the developers have done something about that but in turn have also made the game (or what I've played of it) too easy. But anyway, does anybody have any ideas to how they can bring challenge to the game or has anybody got any comments about the demo?

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