Just because Im still geeking out about the series even though it seems to be wining to a close, all Ivebeen geeking about is the forth coming Ghost of Sparta and, of course, the all fabled, 'in-limbo' film adaptation. By me even talking about it doesnt mean that I expect it's release or even it's production, but the idea of it still excites me.

So just for a bit of fun and to subside the urge in me (and anyone else for that matter) to geek out, the question Im putting forward to hear your opinion (and hopefully not arguments) is which characters do you think would make an appearance and who do you think could play them well?

Naturally, Kratos, Ares, Athena and Zeus are definites. I really like the original notion of Djimmon Honsou playing the part of Kratos(and absolutely despise ideas of The Rock playing the role). I think in acting ability and vocal quality, Brian Cox would be a great Zeus, but he's too ... well, 'rotund', lol. I dare say, as Hollywood always has to, they would maybe re-create the Athena/Kratos relationship as a romantic lead (unfortunately), so she would have to be someone who could appose Kratos' acting skill while still remaining a higher status performance, maybe a Natalie Portman-ish lass. Ares is a hard one; you'd need a hard arse, yet a quirky performer ... maybe Liev Schreiber?

I dont think we need to regulate this to actors who are still alive or actors in their age of today! We could also include possible awesome directors, composers, script,etc... So hit me with some ideas so we can explore (geek out) together!

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