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Hey God of War Wiki peeps! I know I've been away for a long time and missed all the arguments, achievements, spoilers, etc, but I haven't stopped living, breathing and bleedin GoW!!! So much so that as an assessment I set for my Year 10 class, I made them make a blog on! Now to model it, I made my own first and now I've become a little obssessed as naturally, it is dedicated to our favourite game franchise, God of War!!! So if you have a tumblr yourself, or even if you don't, flick over to and check out fuckyeahgodofwar, the first Kratos and friends dedication page on the site. There'll be all kinds of things on there, pictures, fan-art, rumours, news, character bios, themed days (like Minotaur Friday or Ladies of Gow), write ups, soundtracks and some funny stuff too. Follow it, rate it, add to it, heart it, recommend it and spread the word and I'll be your best friend ... maybe. =]


P.S. Sorry for the swearing, thats just what dedication pages are called on tumblr...

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