Well not really but I thought it might get your attention!

Have a look what I made! I did this for my God of War tumblr dedication page and have gotten a stream of positive "this is awesome"s and "do you mind if I use this". For those of you who know Magic the Gathering, tell me what you think! I thought long and hard about the abilities Kratos should have as a MtG character while keeping with his actual character AND keepin it fair within the standards of MtG (cost vs abilities vs effects vs P/T, etc...) I thought about making him a planeswalker, but he doesn't really have that capacity in his actual characteristics...

I'm definitely going to make more, there's enough scope in the GoW franchise to creae almost a full MtG Block!!! But I doubt I'll get that far... lol. I've got an idea who I'm gonna make my Planeswalker but you tell me who you think it should be! I'm currently working on an Artifact Equipment (inspired by the release of Scars of Mirrodin) for the Blade of Olympus.

This is so much fun! Now just gotta work out how to print to cardboard! =]

Kratos, Ghost of Sparta

And here's some more I've done...

  • So many combinations with this one!
  • Zeus with Annihiliator, of course.
  • Planeswalker Kratos!!!

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