I find it boring now that all our labours, especially KratosGodofWar's, has meant that everything is in tip-top formal condition. So now there's nothing to do!!! Everythng fixed! Now what! I'll tell ya what now: the moment GoW: GoS comes out, every one is gonna go buck-wild creating pages, adding trivia, 'updating info' and to be honest I'm scared of this! And just to get their numbers up or to say they have created something, I know there's gonna be people out there who'll create pages like...

Innocent Civilian No. 4

Innocent Civilian No. 4 was an innocent by stander in the attack on the city who was standing next to Innocent Civilian No. 83 when the explosion hit. He had a small, almost non existant interaction with Kratos before he was killed for green orbs. Before he was killed he could be heard mumbling something that resembled "I'll come back for you", however it could have just been a gurlge of pain.


  • Innocent Civilian No. 4 could easily be Kratos' Brother due to the fact that at one stage for a second he stood up right in the same pose as the already confirmed non-canon picture of him
  • It is popular belief that Innocent Civilian No. 4 actually is Kratos' Brother as he mumbled "I'll come back for you" upon dying
  • Blah blah blah Kratos' Brother Kratos' Brother

,,, I guess what Im trying to say is lets not get crazy once there's some more material to write about! Because if Im going crazy now with having nothing to edit, fix, add, etc and Im one of the only non-administrator trying to keep it a crisp and factual site, then I can just imagine how the rest of us will be once the flood gates open with a tidal wave of new things to link to Kratos' Brother and limited edition sets of Blades of Athena from Amazon (only the ones who pay attention to the activity stream would get that reference and I apologise for my exclusivity but my need for creating humour exceeds my care-factor).

Once again, in a nut shell Im saying good work to us all, especially KratosGodofWar, for getting the site this far with correct spelling and grammar, correcting all the non-canon references and ridding our sight of unnecessary pages. Lets not ruin it all when the next installment of the series gives us something else to add to this information base.

...this has been another rant proudly brought to you by Spikepit.

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