Ever since playing the first God of War game, Ive always had the thought of who could actually defeat Kratos? Asking this to other gamer buddies usually ended in an argument they they liked their choice better than Kratos. But I always looked at the evidence from the games, things like Kratos being appointed a god and escaping the underworld more than once. Since then, through many arguements and discusions, the thought has evolved into a fantasy game in the form of a beat 'em up. This game would be like the concept of Suoer Smash Bros but with selectable characters from all times, consoles and formats. The plot would be convoluted, the control system would probably be harder than hieroglyphics and to actually create the game would cost millions in rights before the production would even begins, so Im not sittin here hopin it would happen ... but wouldn't it be grand!

I've got a list of characters below that I think would be suitable for such a game. In my mind the two main protagonists would be the obvious choice, Kratos and Wolverine. Two guys who live on revenge and just wont stay dead.

So Im asking who would you have in yours and who you'd back in your list.

Fantasy Roster




Superman (Just to see Kratos rip 'im apart with The Blades of Krypton, lol)




Optimus Prime

Master Cheif

Ryu Hayabusa


Mario (... I guess...)


Alex Mercer

Ken Masters

The Hulk

... the list could go on!

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