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  • The Crackman

    I ask this question to those who may have read the postings from the God of War Egyptian Bloodlines book. I know that I have only posted the first two chapters to the book on this space but God of War is a million dollar franchise will millions of fans. I could have thought that some of those fans would read the fan fiction and of those some would also like to comment. Now I am not looking for good comments because I like what I wrote. I am looking for those comments where people want to tell me what they think. I want comments where people put me on blast because I have done something to the series they love. Send those to me. I want to talk on them becuase I have so much in line for the series but would love to know if there is a fan bas…

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  • The Crackman

    As many of you know I have posted the first six chapters of the book God of War Egyptian Bloodlines on the Since this time I have conducted an edit of all the chapters in the book. I conducted this edit and added over 40 pages to the book. Adding in pieces and parts which add to the whole series. This series takes Kratos to the edges of his sanity and beyond. From the gates of every underworld the mythological worlds have to throw at him. Eventually he will become the very things he hates only to gain the redemption he needs to give him reprieve from his nightmares. What you may or may not know is that I have begun posting these same chapters within the virtual walls of the Wikia. A God of War Fan Fiction section was …

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  • The Crackman

    To those who have been following my blogs on I have posted the first of the set of short stories. I know that I stated they are of Viking Origin but the first one is a King Author tale. It depicts the mighty King in his final battle against his nemesis Mordred. This is not a normal Arthurian tale for though he is a great king, he is not exactly the best of men. Please read what I have written and let me know what you think. Like I said, this is the first of a set of six short stories. I am currently editing them in an attempt to make them as good as they can be and also so they stand alone.

    Again, let me know what you think. Just follow the link to the God of War Egyptian Bloodlines Blog. It is not another chapter to …

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  • The Crackman

    It has been a while since I have been back to this wiki. The Marine Corps take a lot of time out of my days and so that is the excuse I am going with.

    Currently I have finished the final edit (that I am going to do) to the Egyptian Bloodlines and now I am going chapter by chapter through the Viking Tales book. As promised I am still planning on blogging the short stories here but I am attempting to make them ready to stand alone as a short story.

    Originally they were written as a piece to a whole of the long story but they actually work well by themselves. I threw in a lot of Norse history into them and yes Kratos does make an appearance, if not by name by description. So in the next few days I am going to post the first one and before t…

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  • The Crackman

    For those of you who are reading the God of War Egyptian Bloodlines book on I want you to understand that it is still in the editing phase. I wrote the entire book in the course of only five months (even though I had the plotline detailed out for months) but since that time I have reread the entire book and made several edits to it.

    Now that is not to say the plot has changes for it is entirely the same. Mostly I updated the senses. Things that Kratos experiences during his journey I wanted to make clearer. I wanted the reader to have a better feeling for what they were reading and I understand that the first copy did not convey enough.

    A second item I wanted to make known was the confusion about the beginnings of each of the chapte…

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