God of War Ascension has been released to the public and unlike most I am very happy to see that it is a prequel. I understand that many see this as another attempt to bring out Kratos and have him kill all the little things that walk the earth. To me I see it as another way to enhance and detail out the story (or back stories) that make Kratos so great. We love him because of all the things he has to and has done. He has killed gods and that is the end and the beginning.

But back to the reason that I am so happy. My book God of War Egyptian Bloodlines, focuses on the future of Kratos and as long as Sony does not create a game forward of God of War 3 my plotlines still hold true. I know I am the author and thus I will speak highly of my own work but I have passed the draft of the book to Egyptologists to make sure the things I mention are in line with the past or the mythologies. I have confidence in the writings and stories I am developing and would love to hear comments or feedback.

I blogged the first 6 chapters in the following address I stopped at the sixth chapter because I only wanted to give the readers a taste of what is to come. Believe me it is only a snippet of the whole story and I have moved Kratos through four additional books past Egypt.

Again, I cannot wait to play the new God of War game and am very excited to see how they developed the story.

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